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These Are Just To Say {Response Poems}

Those Damn Plums(After William Carlos Williams) Yes, that’s right, I wanted someso good and so cold for breakfast or other-wise even though your eyessay they are gone. :; Carrying Your Heart (After E.E. Cummings) this is the root of the root and the … Continue reading

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This is Junk To Say 

I have eaten the plums the poems the icy brittle phrase which you were probably saving for future line breaks Forgive me that delicious moon makes me crazyand so cold  ::with fond nod to William Carlos Williams In April, she poems.

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Ice(box) Poem 

This is just to say that I am all out of patience                             (and love) today for both plums and poems.  In fact,I didn’t just hate these wordsI wrote;I ate ’em.  ::In April we poem.

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The Red Bricks 

was the red wheelbarrow (glazed with rainwater) full of them?  he doesn’t say,so maybe             (not) or maybe it didn’t matter.  besides,only the white chickens know.  :: Inspired by William Carlos Williams. And Twiglets:

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With Ardent Affection for an Indifferent Moon 

They say we’re out of ways to woo you.  But I, heart tied to sky,shall try to fool you  into loving me back. See, the clacking of all this black is really just a churning starless seabrought to you on bended knee.  Are you the … Continue reading

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seeing red 

so it goes: we smile somuch beneath the fear that time  depends on every crimson tear shedupon this fading stage.  a twist of scarlet anger, sea of red; a bed of thorns and roses, a steering wheel to our other darker side, the barrow where we bury what we hide.  glazed and … Continue reading

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three ways to smash a plum

i.squish that sucker with your thumb,purple-golden pulp oozing through your hungry hands.  ii. chew your way through until your lips are blue and your tongue is tangedand tinged with indigo.  iii. plonk! it against the wall an unresponsive ball once so sweet and so cold,now begging for forgiveness. Kim’s got … Continue reading

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This is Just to Stay

(in response to William Carlos Williams)  I have beaten the hums of my hungry tum by  the witch-craft of probably leaving and fasting  Forgive meI am delirious so slowand so old :: written for poetic asides November chapbook challenge.

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love poem

.. this poem is that red, red rose that summer’s day the craving of mouth, voice, hair ………….(silent and staring) those cloudless climes and starry skies …………………….(dying, disappearing.) more thicker than forget, it’s counting the ways those moments of glad … Continue reading

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(after William Carlos Williams) .. so much depends upon the polka-dotted ladybug flitting to and fro, finishing the sentences.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides. 

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