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we wee dragons 

we are the smallish ones, of tiny scales and silver tails sealedin scarlet slip of sky.  we drink from butter-cups and saucer moonto soothe our embered tongues. we sing in hum -mingbird thrum. we wee beasties swallow fallen stars to stoke our shine. and we find  … Continue reading

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mercies new

we can rue this day all we want, rant its shortcomings and moan its faults,  but there’s always another one another run another sun  waiting in the wings.  :: In April, we poem.

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dragon dna

  .. they’re two parts moon, i think, a drink of shimmered scale and waxing fire. where do their wings come from? starling murmur? darling’d breeze? the breath of trees and song that comes ……………(what may) from long stray veins … Continue reading

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Befriending the Dragon

.. Nothing better than discovering her (s)word, her own strength and song. Realizing the fire was coming from her own center and just needed a spark to give it flight. Whispering her wings to life, her heart to breeze, her … Continue reading

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Icarus Ponders His Fall

Should have gotten myself a good horse and a plow, some tangible now to hold onto with both bold hands, instead of these waxen whims. You’ll find me flailing as you’re sailing along, perhaps a pirate song on your tongue, … Continue reading

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Cobbled in Ink and Indigo Sky

.. How many miles has she walked now (barefoot, backwards, both ways), how many days until the next rest -stop? These feet are fueled by quiet psalm and howling prayer, dared to keep going by a sinking sun. She’s shed … Continue reading

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this poem

  . this poem is a slight chance, a small glance into a waiting spring. this poem doesn’t want to play or sing or sting or be much of anything. this poem is a ragged piece of forgotten string. this … Continue reading

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The Everyday Stirrings of Smallish Dragons

artwork by Ulrike Bolenz . Shake the sky. She’ll curl low; trace ………maps, traps, wings, …..and other all -important unfoldings. . Written for magpie tales.

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