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parachute fluff

it’s the downy kite stuff of wandered wishes, childish dreams and fragile hope.  so much pondered promise in the audacity and tenacity of a simple weed.  we don’t stop to doubt or wonder why. we just take a deep breath  and                                             fly.                                 seeds                          let  :: Merril’s got an … Continue reading

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Jasmine’s Story {Anybody got a spare lamp?}

The magic carpet ride was fine, if you like that sort of thing. She’s kind of set her sights on raging seas.  If anybody ever offered her three (fat chance) wishes, they’d be these:  A pirate ship.  A nice long trip. And she’ll take that sassy evil … Continue reading

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3 forms on luck

that copper taste in a disappointed mouth (a shadorma)  the stench of burnt birthday candle and lost wish,burned-out star that crashes before it’s caught. fireflies dead in jars.   falling stars (a triolet)  do they count themselves lucky, tooas they fall like fire from the sky? with their … Continue reading

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sigh language

The best gesture of my brain is less than your eyelids’ flutter which says we are for each other  – E.E. Cummings  The earth laughs in flowers. – Ralph Waldo Emerson  Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box…Edie Brickell :: dandelion fluff … Continue reading

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eyelash flutter

we huff and puff and blow dandelion fluff from here to kingdom come. go ahead, rub the genie’s lamp. rub the buddha’s belly. catch that copper penny fountain scent right between your teeth. we are salt-over-shoulder safe, falling for nothing. … Continue reading

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Pouring hope from tea leaves

, we wish upon whatever we can scrounge: these shattered stars, the kitefluff of a drunken dandelion sun and one last candle’s kiss. It tastes like copper -penny fountains and a stolen horseshoe score, a broken silver skystone all aquiver … Continue reading

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Dandelion Fluff

.. They say size doesn’t matter and then they say dream big, but I prefer these tiny breaths and the way the breeze teases my heart into flight. You blink at all that sacred spotlight; I think I’ll save myself … Continue reading

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the quiet keening of smallish stones

.. we throw them in as wishes, just to see some change in the surface of things, just to watch the ripples rise. we revel in their displacement, the way they sway the river’s path, make bur -bled song of … Continue reading

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copper penny fountains {in which she finally uses all the words to describe something other than the moon}

… With storm breath and flickered fear, we open journey-jars, spill-skip dream -coins into bubbled shadows. Dance a wish, lull-curl-whispered across spring-surface. The echo-sound’s a cued breeze, melted shimmer-grin-ghost. A boast-giggle, drizzled-green dawn. The twist leaves sparks, still-twisted scars that … Continue reading

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Messy Rows

.. They waddle along, two by two as if they are headed for the ark (that of the Noah persuasion), and not just this arc of water, this fountain full of rusting pennies, drowning wishes. We watch them go, count … Continue reading

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