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how’d we get so?

this poem is that shiny copper penny and the horseshoe turned to sky and the wild why of dandelion fluff and other wished-on stuff                       {like stars} . it’s worth its own saltand a sprinkle of (p)luckand has the audacity to sneeze a syllable in public so help me God                     {bless you.}  … Continue reading


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eyelash flutter

we huff and puff and blow dandelion fluff from here to kingdom come. go ahead, rub the genie’s lamp. rub the buddha’s belly. catch that copper penny fountain scent right between your teeth. we are salt-over-shoulder safe, falling for nothing. … Continue reading

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Sketching the sky on the legs of my favorite jeans

..   My hands are quiet birds held at bay, softer songs than those worth singing. I count sheep, wishing stars, dandelion kites, a world of wrongs. Erase them all. Press gifts to heart, name them one by one. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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