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intricate howl

.. we embrace the space, these fixtures of lonely resolve. but there is still fear. of now. of when, and how. of things that go ………………………..{bump} in the night.   .. in april, we poem.       

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Stories Snapped in Half, and Shone

… We are born of ash and sigh -lence, quiet spirits caved in rain and song, dark skeletal tree limbs unsure of their own thin origins; reaching for sky. We count our rings, the things that tell us who we … Continue reading

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pocket poems

… go ahead, be a pest. crack open your pocket, your heart, your chest. ramble on in perfect rhyme, or hiccup in perfect iambic time. they might wince or squint as you show ’em, but let’s festoon the world with … Continue reading

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Dead End(ings)

.. By the time they get to the bridge, she’s already been sucker -punched by a fat, full moon (a fraud, really: hustler of the horizon, harlot of borrowed light.) She stays in the car, anyway. Her mind a prison. … Continue reading

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.. to whom it need (evade) ………….concern, thanks for dropping by, but she’s busy (useless, really) , fumbling coffee on a coast -er, and wearing a sea foam bracelet …………..and a desk of sand. .. MizQ gave us a word … Continue reading

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sun(shine) on scattered petals

..   the sweet touch of spring months has longed us toward blossoming. plum tree adds her purpled snow. these velvet foothills are a low-hummed song; the sun’s a red smoke cask in a tangerine stew sky. .. It’s been … Continue reading

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more dark matters of distinction

  .. Her un -detectable mathematical curiosity is ex -ponentially dampened by the fun -dementally incorrect facts of frozen stars.     ..Another wordlist from my Shawna. 

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in these strange and strangled times

, light three pebbles, love. let’s name the stars, mark the moon with our own salt. have you seen the way the water melts our fears, dissolves our phantoms? let’s perhaps have a few choice words with God, let Him … Continue reading

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Aspect Ratio {Serious Hungry}

.. Hands, pen (sieve)-clasped, we keep ourselves serious, black clacked, fingertip touch of sane. This inky work is nourish -ment to able body to breathe, soul to grieve gloom.grim.gravity. groan.grin. ………….gray.play. From last stand to first sit, may we always … Continue reading

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Do Re Mi

… When I ask that pulled moon to stay, in her indigo dress she sits her impish spirit set to play. I crinkle-gather all my wits about my fractured self in fits, a tumble-crumbled comedy. And through the rumbled sky … Continue reading

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