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Giving Ourselves a Host of Titles, Each in Turn a Song 

We are ancient trees of longingsaplings scrabbling skybark holding breath for morning limbs reaching for wayward starsroots thirsty for darker water.  We are head-down growingfull crunch hollow halfmoons turned to stonealone in our soil-sigh wanting.  Jinx us with juniper branchessmall black curses of … Continue reading

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suspended moment

(a leaky bit of moonlight)   under a dark-haired driven threadbare quilted sky, driven bursts of clawing breath and the muted cry of unglazed small -boned crows dreaming murder, death – muffled blooms and fretful sleep.   .. Cool visual … Continue reading

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Night Music

… There’s a tang -led web of logic (a particular lyrical sway) to the way the cloud pack stacks the deck toward jazz -mine moon. There’s a fin -ality to the way the sea (her siren song strong) froths long … Continue reading

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