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where we left off

.. they scoffed at us for swallowing that sun -flower dream, for holding our breaths in the snow. we’ve gathered so much more than loose-leaf scenes; we know these syllables might just stand on their own. and so we pick … Continue reading

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She’s found herself in ink and sky

.. , and silent salt. The squawking cry of hungry gulls. The broken praise of trees. She’s on her knees in dark -est hour, bone-tired and waiting. Forgive her, Father (Son, and wholly long-loved ghost); at most, she’s brave. She’s … Continue reading

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Utter a Muddle

.. S(p)ring a silly song, be-fuddle me a muddy-muse, so we can s(t)ring along. Cuddleme a cloud-phrase, huddleup in hiccup-daze; hunkerdown in puddle-praise, zipcrunchleap a poem. Fa-La-La a lullaby(e), fall into a murmured sky. Ink. Don’t think. And don’t ask why. … Continue reading

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.. So a strophe and a spondee walk into a bar (all widdershins & collywobbles); and the dactyl’s all like, Iamb thirsty, and the other two know just what to do, so they get ’im a drink to ghazal. (And … Continue reading

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Paper, White

  This place, a lake. I see myself. I float my words. I plow black through silent snow and wait for echo.   .. Cool prompt over at Poets United. Come play. 

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Now I Lai Me Down a Poem

… Now I lay me down these lines, this small crown of words. Rest inside these ground ink stains, where I’m found in verbs, in the throes of noun and syllable, bound; soul-stirred. .. Victoria has us playing with the lai … Continue reading

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de: ja vu

.. there’s a very good chance she’s gonna write something. turn a phrase around on her tongue until it tastes just right. never sneeze only once. have the hiccups daily. call the sky her friend. fall in love with the … Continue reading

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