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staying on task

.. just ask the moon. she’s got a job to do, too. wax. wane. balance the tide tables. keep that ocean stable. stars? they’re the thumbtacks that hold up the sky. (they don’t take smoke breaks, or wonder why.) i’d … Continue reading

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In the Beginning was the Word.

.. In the beginning was the ………………………….word.   .. .. And the poet’s heart did swell, and quill her soul a quiet song. Longing to etch is somewhere safe, she confessed her need to the moon, who loaned her a … Continue reading

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just once

.. she wishes this thing she loved would pay the bills would carry its own weight would support itself instead of hanging around like an overgrown teenager leaving a mess in its wake. one day, perhaps her poetry will take … Continue reading

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panic buttons

… they just sit there on their ebony key -board thrones, refusing to kern or make a poem.   .. April Challenge, Day 8.      

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petaled pages of love

.. we quench our thirst with feathered spell, and poems fall like early flowers. ..    

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flotation devices

… some things are not meant to be used. (unthrown stones, dusty mirrors, aching sky) but left to her own, she is simply learning the intricate architecture of these landlocked limbs.   ..

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including (s)laughter

… the rhythm of her metered feet is off and she scoffs at rhyme but these words still want to bleed so she heeds their call, s p i l l s them (sm)all.   ..

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