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is there anybody out there? 

when the tree falls                  (in the forest) for the sky do you and i hear it, across all these miles?  i know notof timbre falling ,but the stars are full of static electricity and the moon is all crescent cling and zing.  ::I’ve been gleefully out of … Continue reading

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hope {and other smallish things that sing} 

she tucks it in pockets and lockets pressed near her heart, jumpstarted by its tiny zing. there’s a fleck of fuzz in there, too. a baby stone of azure blue. a crumb of sand. a strand  of scarlet string. a wee adieu. a fewtiny buttonsand … Continue reading

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Slipped (Gin) Fizz

That’s the biz (all the buzz); pour me a giggle-glug and let’s muttermurmurmutter hiss our way to the kerplunk crunk …………..(rumble-rustle-rush) of phrase. These days, we all hoot and hum, jangle thumbs at days and days …and days of ding-dong … Continue reading

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Franklin, m’Dear,

He gave a damn about a lot of things: Physics, the key to electricity, lightning rods, the balancing act of bifocals, illegitimate sons. Betcha $100 (or a half) that a whole lot of the ama -zing things he said were … Continue reading

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