small blooms

thou answerest them only with spring – E.E. Cummings 

too soon,
these skies will make themselves
known as pirate waters: tumultuous,
stirred dark and deep. steeped in
skeletal clouds and masthead thunder.
we’ll wonder how we ever found the sun.

but today,
we swallow all this distant gray and
unearth the laughter bursting from soil,
these petaled breaths that stir us into
something more. these startled songs
of crimson, yellow, scarlet as a sunset.

we hold
these tiny things, these quiet-budding
hopes and grounding dreams, in hearts
that just begin to thaw, still raw and sleepy
in their winter coats. still puffy-eyed and
mostly silent, waiting for the kiss of spring.

Prompted by Poetic Asides




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4 Responses to small blooms

  1. qbit says:

    Pirate waters!!!

  2. tsdwords says:

    Oh my friend, you continue to bloom and grow and impress me. Love Unearthing laughter and winter coats with puffy eyes, waiting for the kiss of spring. Your imagery is absolutely fabulous! ❤❤❤

  3. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    indescribably lovely though not quite so as your descriptions have such impact – each verse a poem in itself
    “pirate waters” – love the connotations

  4. Mandie Hines says:

    It’s been a little bit since you’ve posted, but hopefully you’ll get a chance to see this. First, Happy National Poetry Month! As part of the celebration of the month, I shared my favorite poem of yours that I’ve read “Summer Salt” to Facebook. I must have revisited that poem nearly a dozen times since the first time I read it. Anyway, everyone needs a little love for their writing now and then, so I thought I’d let you know. Here’s the link in case you want to take a peek.
    I don’t always get the chance to visit your site as much as I want anymore, but I try to visit whenever I get a free moment.

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