ferocious eternity

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get magnetic.

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smudging outside the lines


my rebel heart is weary today, having grown
tired of A-B-C (D,F) and 1+1 incessantly =

-ing 2. it’s ready to (over)throw all rulers
aside, pride itself instead on burst of color

and spill of kindness and ruffled breeze. it’s
about to sneeze some phrase to page in hopes

that it might not take itself quite so serious
-ly. it needs a break. a song. a giggle. a loud

proud primal scream into the sea. it has fin
-ally memorized its own syllables, and can

even teach a few, if you’re ex.treme.ly patient.
it’s wearing a skull bandana and a turquoise

tutu and hot dark pink knee socks and it’s got
a few more stops to make before its fashion

statement is complete. it’s got slow feet but a
fast smile, and it’s recently walked a million

miles in strange shoes. it chooses its words
carefully, but then spills more of them than

most. it won’t boast, but it might swell. it’s
got secrets it’ll never tell, and something new

to grasp every day. it’s been more and it’s been
less and it’s at its very bottom best when it’s

real. steal it, if you will. borrow-beg or barter it
to moon. teach it to swoon, and dance and throw

its gushy crimson arms around this whole wide
world and every single person whose rebel heart

is tired and frayed and worn and wishes it had
something else to say, but longs to say it anyway.





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breathing lessons

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prompted by poetic asides

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from finger fiddle feet

Screenshot 2015-05-26 19.47.41play magnetic poetry

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pissarro-strong-wondsby Camille Pissarro


My collar is itchy
and I’m twitchy
with longing. I
want to cast
off all façade
and plait my fin
-gers through this
crimson soil, forget
myself. Perhaps
if I just lie
down right here,
…..the sky
will embrace my
skin, and swallow
…………me whole.

prompted by margo roby’s tuesday tryouts.



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Hope Twist (a tryst with something greater than all this skin)

birds_and_cages_by_paulix8-d3jbjvuPhoto credit: Paulix8



She turns
her wrists
to remind
her fists
that ink is
the only thing
that needs
…….to be



Prompted by mindlovemisery.


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play magnetic poetry

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