acting bears, unabashed


{sorry to bother you}

they know
…..(as the back of their hands)
the dangers of relevant things,
the psychology of box
office (ex)

keep em rollin’, tootsie –
in all of her shadows and lights,
a heroine
of delight.

only the animals
are vikings now,
figures of worship
and while.

we are complex human
beings, yes?
in all our modern
-love strange,

………………………{or less}.


Just some good silly fun in these crazy times, from a wordlist from my Shawna. 

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a wish, a rant, a roar


a small stirring
in the slow hollows of her bones.

a hallowed breath
of broken wayward shaken sky.

a sigh. a song.
the long long stretch of day.

a freckled thought
that says she is ungrowing.

a fraction caught
between her grinning teeth. relief.

A Quadrille for my own prompt over at dVerse. Come play! 




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the wisteria treehouse palaces of tiny dragons

they are masters of mopetry
and muppetry
and the wispiest whispers
and whims of clouds.

they chalk out loud
in the brightest colors
and sing their scales
in sorrowed sway.

they carve their names
in bark, not bite, and
right their souls by
sky’s swollen heartbeat.

they eat brambleberries
by the clawful, awfully
glad the world’s far below;
they know this day

will come, and go and leave
them more (and less) the same,
named something smaller
but slightly more sane.



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Because I have not had my fill of falling



I am taking off my shoes
and standing barefoot at the edge
of it all once again, shouting
nonsense-something to my echo-self
and asking her to keep me company,
fill this lonely void with laughter’s roar
until the next set of storms sets in.


It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse, and I’m hosting. Come play! 


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cloud dragon


magnetic poetry 

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blue stone bee


magnetic poetry 

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this thing she brings




magnetic poetry 


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