Urges, in Blue



She splurges
on the turquoise sky,
the cerulean breeze
and the gossip-talk

of trees that know this
Lake fairly aches with
everything she needs.

She seeds
herself in skysong, silence,
wild defiant sighs and smiles
that just might outlast all these
miles, once bound
for home. She’s drunk

on sun and moon and sand
and the delicate places where
waves kiss land and all the un
-ruly disorderly aquamarine
stained pools in between. Pull

her over; she’ll breathe for
(breathe in hue)
and prove she’s unfit
for anything but these Lakey
shores and scores and scores
of squandered time. Tide. Moon.

It can’t be helped. She can’t be held
soaking up
all this impossible





Prompted by Poetic Asides.



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Reading about Dallas while sitting on a breezy deck in Tahoe

How is it even
that the same
world that holds
this generous spill
of blue, the whisper
of aspens,


the spew of such
hatred, the spilling of
blood, the scream
of gunfire and death?

We hold our tired
breath and wait for
love to matter, wait
for grace to be what
splatters through the
streets. As a nation
shivers, there’s a silver
sliver of lakeflow that
knows there’s


Someone whose
hands hold these
waters and these lives,
whose heart is many
times the size of all
this mess.

And on that deck,
knowing she is held.



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Every breath is a fragile bird, feathered closer to the sky

For that is all we are assured,
uncertain as a summer shiver:
a life abundant, full, but whirled –
for that is all we are assured.
Even the moon mourns heaven’s curl,
unquiet as a dark sky sliver.
For that is all we are assured,
uncertain as a summer shiver.

Prompted by Poetic Bloomings. I’ve just learned that a dear poetic friend, Viv Blake, died last night, suddenly. We are all in shock, and heartbroken. Rest in peace, beautiful poetic soul. 




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Bigger than Blue


You sit at the edge
– right there, see?
and breathe it all
in, begin to know
the secrets of the
breeze and the way
the earth flows,
spills, stands still.

You steep yourself
in indigo and cobalt
glass, a shimmer of
sky and the watchful
eye of all this bigger
-than-you Blue, feel
it seep into your skin
and through your soul.

You roll your tongue
with a mighty blue roar,
the soaring hope of
feather and wave, the
way that water saves,
changes, follows the
moon’s fragmented whim
through starspun sky.

You try it on for size,
immerse yourself in aqua;
drink your fill and know
you’ll never get enough
but this one small moment
is enough to last until
the next time you breathe
in full again. Again.


Prompted by Poetic Asides.



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Screenshot 2016-07-03 21.32.40


some magnetic poetry silliness. play here


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bare blue beauty

Screenshot 2016-07-02 14.57.45


play magnetic poetry here

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Smiling in Shades of Blue


The sky’s
got a twinkle in her
eyes, a certain slant of
moon sliver holding
midnight court with breeze.

These trees
have got some secrets and they
in leafy tongues some song
we’ve seldom sung,
to make us smile.

These blues
are self-azured and we are
cobalt savvy silent
and wave slaphappy
in our own bright skin.

and grin.
Be true.
Infused with blue.


Poetic Bloomings is hosting a fun poem-a-day gig for July. Come play! 

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