Of Streets Dissolved by Rain

Watch the way the asphalt holds the sky,
taking more than its fair share
and holding concrete breath. Beware
the way the treasures of the magpie

turn the sidewalks to golden light.
Things are not as they appear.
Watch the way the asphalt holds the sky,
taking more than its fair share,

and tearing open a sacred sigh
of scars, one last long souvenir
of sting. See, here’s the thing: stare
long enough at nothing, all is lies.
Watch the way the asphalt holds the sky.


An attempt at writing a Rondel, for Gayle’s prompt over at dVerse. Come play! 


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fin ally

this maid? she’s mer.
see her spangled tail,
her eyelash salt? she
swims, she skims the
surface with her syll
-ables and song. give

her a moon spilled
dark, the quiet spark
of waking sun. she’ll
thread her lack
of toes into all this
black sand, hand you

the sky, all cobalt and
agreeably sane. you’ll
wish you were a fish;
she’ll long for legs, and
make herself a fine
fast friend in between.




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Lull & LOL are Not the Same


I laughed out loud today. At the absurdity of life, the
cotton of the sky’s white lull. I have a million things

to tell you, but they all feel small; none human enough
for laughter, nor clear enough to make any sense of sigh.

Another 44 words for Bjorn’s Quadrille. Come play! 


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As this day takes its final breath


, awash in crimson scrim
and curdled sky,
I hope that I
will have been still,

leaned into the hammock
of Your will,

and held my
self with gentle
(mostly empty)
hands. I hope I will

have sat and listened
to the breeze, stood
for what is true, knelt

to breathe
………………thank you.


Written for Poetic Asides






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magnetic moon

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will work for tunes

crumble me
into the shape
of a heart made
merry by mar
-velous sugar
stung songs.

chop me
into sticks and
stones, quiet
thrones for monkey
kings and dragons.

hold the
-scription of your smile
to my skin, and remind
me today’s a whole
new place
to be


Still getting inspired by fortunes over at dVerse with Toni. Love this one: 

A merry heart does good like a medicine.

It’s actually a quote from Proverbs 15:15. I love how The Message version translates it:
For the happy heart, life is a continual feast.
(This makes it appropriate for a Fat Tuesday as well, then.)  ;)

It’s not been a merry heart kind of day, really. But mercies are new every morning…

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Confusion Say:

Your shoes will make you happy today.
(seen in a fortune cookie)



She didn’t believe it, really.

Didn’t think a little slip
of paper
(in bed)
(from the grave)
tucked safe
in crunchy cookie
skin, could tell the truth,
could save
her, help her

Until she tum
-bled, mind



Written for Toni’s awesome prompt over at dVerse. Click over for some great info about Chinese New Year, and some poem-inspiring fortunes. 




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