Fair(l)y Sung


Is it over?
(hill, dale, bush, brier,
park, pale?)

Have I wandered enough
of this moon? Is she milky
full and flooded, or sliced
clean through?

Has the Fairy Queen
sprinkled enough of her
freckles to this indigo sky?

Shall I
ponder this dew, or slip
anew back into my own coat,
many colored and ready
for the rain? Ay, me

the syllables of this pain
are enough
for one small

Inspired by Shakespeare’s A Fairy Song, and prompted by mindlovemiserysmenagerie.




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Listless Poet


Give me a verb list
and a wrist bent to page,
a slight spil
-led rage
or some joy that won’t stifle.

Hand me that quill
and a will and a way
and about a day and a half
where nobody whines or needs
one zillion things.

Grant me some time
to think and some indigo
ink and just a few blinked
tears and an ocean torn.

Stitch me a quiet morn
and a few rain clouds and
pour me a cup and let it be
enough to fuel the fray
and loose the day.

Hold back for me
a handful of nouns and
the sibilant sounds of sky and
sand and sea. Give me

some syllables that want to get
along, the hum
-bled song of my own heart.
A place to start. A tree to whisper.
A breeze to blow it all away, dandelion
fluff, stray
words that might still,


written for toads



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Giz, untight.

I just

s    n   e   e   z   e   d

17 times in a row.

I am not

And here’s another
one comin’ right achoooooooooooooooooo.


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cloud empire

Screenshot 2015-05-21 18.06.29


play magnetic poetry.

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Inky Girl

(wearing a tank-a top)



Give her ev’ry chance
to etch her words in sand, stone
her demons with phrase;
raise her to the sky and spill
her loose. She’ll find her own way.


a tanka, prompted by mindlovemisery’s heeding haiku.

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Written for Poets United.

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