run two (whew!) (fry-day)

ran two
(point five)
with half a smile
and a whole
lot of sweat,
a couple of night bats
and a swallowed bug.

and when i’m done
i just wanna hug
my fan
except i can
not move
(besides all that stretching
and some high impact interval nonsense
i gotta get outta the way before my body
fully wakes up and says HEY,
what are we doing?)

but i digress. here’s the gist:
it’s friday and my run
is done.



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run none

{so far}

maybe tonight,
but the fight
to get too many things
done, to have fun
with family, to do this life
has edged out today’s



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(after William Carlos Williams)


so much depends

the polka-dotted

flitting to
and fro,

finishing the


Prompted by Poetic Asides

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breathing out loud

and a pink neon cloud
(is she
on the
doesn’t seem to know
what to do besides hang
out, plugged in to a
rising sun. And the breath
comes hard but it comes
and the day’s already too hot
but it’s not
too bad
and the mad mad mad
slap of shoes is music
(sort of)
and maybe i am getting some



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she says

you can’t
blame the cloud
for smudging the sky

because it is

twiglet #29



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i am 5am.

i am the last of the night sky
before the sun
scorches eyes
and torches skin.

i am huff-puffed
breath and silence,
the violence of fiery lung
and too-dry tongue and
and ohjustonemorestep. 

i am the rhythm of feet
and the serenade of birds
and the beating of wings
and my own limbs, tranquil
-thankful for another day.





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Aubade for the A.M.

Morning breaches
too soon, and the moon bids
us farewell. That tangerine swell
from the east says night has fallen
to the other side,
pried its dark hands from
this horizon.

We sway north,
question our own salt,
and pepper the sky with


It’s quadrille Monday over at dVerse! Come play! 

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