Of Mice, and Men

All carving knives and tail-
ectomies aside, we pride
ourselves on
the fight
(see how they run)
flight instinct,
the way we think
ourselves sane,
the same.

We Braille our way
by stars, raised
particles of light spent,
rent by
the quiet desperation
of the game.


Prompted by Poetic Asides.


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4 Responses to Of Mice, and Men

  1. “We Braille our way / by stars” my favorite part. And also tail-ectomies. A wonderful poem!

  2. Brilliant, just, brilliant

  3. peach blossom moth says:

    “”the way we think
    ourselves sane”

    Well isn’t that powerful? I tend to think myself [into being] insane. What I’m trying to say is that I interpret your meaning as being that we think so hard, we end up being sane. As if we could reason it all out. I don’t think so. Of course, sometimes we are the only ones who think we are sane.

    This is beautiful:
    “We Braille our way
    by stars, raised
    particles of light”

  4. whimsygizmo says:

    Thanks, ya’ll. 🙂

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