It’s official.

I cannot eat eggs.
I don’t know
why I try.

It’s off
-icial. I cannot
eat eggs. And here’s


-zactly why.


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6 Responses to It’s official.

  1. billgncs says:

    must be the sulph-fear

  2. Lol
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  3. Sorry to hear this. I have chickens – but I don’t eat much in the way of eggs.
    Are you allergic to them – or does is just cause discomfort? Well, I suppose if it’s the latter, it’s your body’s way of telling you that it feels you are allergic to them!
    Maybe you just need some green ones 🙂

  4. cobalt girl says:

    This is the mark of a brilliant poet, if you ask me. It seems like a cutesy poem about eggs, but hidden right in the middle, is this:

    icial. I cannot

    To the average eye, it’s meaningless without the surrounding words. But I see this profundity:

    I cannot “I see all.”

    In the midst of the humor, you’ve expressed that you wish you could see the big picture for your life — see things through God’s eyes. This is a genius approach to writing poetry (to me, anyway). If only more people could see what’s hidden between the lines/words.

  5. Ron. says:

    Sparse. Beautifully so. Real.

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