Franklin, m’Dear,

He gave a damn
about a lot of things:

the key to electricity,
lightning rods,
the balancing act
of bifocals,

illegitimate sons.

Betcha $100
(or a half)
that a whole
lot of the ama
-zing things he said
were lost to an
indifferent sky.

Poor Richard.

……..Now, go fly a kite.


My Shawna (a demanding one, that one;) asked me to write a poem about Benjamin Franklin. So, of course, I did. 

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4 Responses to Franklin, m’Dear,

  1. Em says:

    Thank you. I love it. 🙂

    Especially some of the sneakies you hid.

  2. tsdwords says:

    I love Ben, he was an amazing guy. Your poem is frankly fabulous! I’m sure he would have loved it. He said he wanted his epitaph to read-
    The Body of
    B. Franklin
    Like the Cover of an old Book,
    Its Contents torn out,
    And stript of its Lettering and Gilding,
    Lies here, Food for Worms.
    But the Work shall not be whlly lost:
    For it will, as he believ’d, appear once more,
    In a new & more perfect Edition,
    Corrected and Amended
    By the Author.

    I always loved that. 😉

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