365 too-small rooms in a too-long hallway

you will need
a flashlight,
and something to read
and (’round some corners) the energy
and prowess of one thousand

you will want
to bring comfortable shoes
and sunscreen
and perhaps a Snickers
bar cuz you’re not goin’ anywhere
for awhile.

you will cry
a couple hundred rivers
and dry
your eyes on the sleeves
of many. watch your back.
some have sharp claws.

you will love
a handful,
if you’re lucky. place
your own dark beat
in their hands and stand
beside them, tick off the squares
and stare into another sun.

you will drag
your feet and give your
seat to an elderly woman
on the train and stain your sheets
with tears and madness.

you will twist
and turn and burn
through sun and moon
and swoon at fallen
stars. you’ll wish. you’ll
warn and swear and stare
and spare no small change
and rearrange your schedule
and shuffle slipper-quick
into something you won’t
be able to get back
out of. still,

you’ll stink
at something
and blink and miss it
and think too much
and perhaps drink too much
and you’ll think
you won’t make it
but then

…………….you will.



Prompted by Poetic Asides


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2 Responses to 365 too-small rooms in a too-long hallway

  1. Just what I needed to hear, as I started (or tried to via Skype) another Masters program. Wow, do I stink at technology! I’ll get this thing figured out. I’ll be reading more than writing (poetry) now. Glad I’ll have your place to come read good stuff.

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