brain sculptors

(aerial duels, investigated)


sabotage the cerebellum by snow,
sand, apple fallen
too far from the beanstalk.

twisting crayon canyons wax
forth in the shelter of each
other, patterned back
-grounds, windy hills.

she is teen queen, radical
in her doubling, rebel in every
alliance. clarinet her beauty
in flowers, clouds, sky.

finale, flocking:
the mocking of birds.


Cool word list from my Shawna. 🙂 

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3 Responses to brain sculptors

  1. pH says:

    Oh how I love this; let me count the ways. 🙂

    Really, every word/phrase is masterfully placed. The imagery here is to die for. Sincerely. Thank you for writing this.

  2. Love those
    twisting crayon canyons wax

    I feel the need to paint and draw again.

  3. pH says:

    Comment #1 must be in your spam folder.

    “clarinet her beauty” … I love this. “Clarinet” as a verb or noun. An almost ungraspable concept. “Sea-lair, I net.” Did you know I loved the clarinet when I was a child? I was dying to play it in band, but there were too many clarinet players already. So I ended up with the bass clarinet, which was awesome … but too heavy for marching.

    The word play in the last two lines is very clever.

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