The sailing of her heart into a wide winged sky


Home again, and even here
the sky’s a song, a rhythm and
blues tango-tangle of cloud
-stitched cobalt quilt. She’s built
of this, this indigo swirl, this
lake sky curl that reminds her
to remain liquid even here in
the desert. Look up,

you’ll see. Heaven smiles in
turquoise shimmer, the steady
thrum of birdwings and hum
-bled breeze. She’s sees it all
in the still small silence of
post-Lake bliss, the kiss of
cooler places still on her lips
against all this bright bleak sun.
……………………………..Lift limbs,

there’s a distant hymn
waiting to be sung.



Prompted by Poetic Asides. Fresh back from Tahoe. Let the mo(u)rning begin. 




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2 Responses to The sailing of her heart into a wide winged sky

  1. Shawna says:


    “blues tango-tangle of cloud
    -stitched cobalt quilt. She’s built”

    “lake sky curl that reminds her
    to remain liquid”

    “Heaven smiles in
    turquoise shimmer” … I also like “shimmer the steady.” It makes me think that you can shimmer even when you’re in a steady, responsible, even kind of role. I’m in full-on Mommy mode, with school resuming tomorrow. But I’d still like to shimmer just a teensy from time to time. 🙂

    Sorry to say this, ’cause I know you hate it, but you have a typo in this line: “-bled breeze. She’s sees it all”

    “the kiss of
    cooler places” … So gorgeous. You make me wish I loved water, you know, outside theory.

    I love this:

    “bleak sun.
    Lift limbs” … I shouldn’t tell you why, but I’m gonna. 🙂

    Be leak-sun (or leek-sun, I suppose).

    “Leeks have a mild onion-like taste. In its raw state …” (from Wikipedia)

    Sooo, “be a leak(ing) sun. Also a leeking sun. Green (which would be so pretty!); strongly-flavored and kind of yucky when raw, but pretty delicious when sauteed … “under fire” … I love all of this, applied to human character traits.

    Also, the period after “sun” makes me think about a girl “leaking” sun(light) instead of blood … onto a pad … but a notepad. (I am so weird in the head, I know.)

    Then, be a leaking sun with “lift” limbs. Also “lime b.s.” (which obviously is when you’re drinking margaritas or some other such deliciousness). So having lift means that you can fly, but “limbs” makes it vague enough that you could be flapping your legs, which is very funny to picture … especially when the girl in on her sunlight period. 🙂

    I’d better stop. I’m probably driving you crazy, and you know I could keep going. 😛

    I do like the idea of being a “distant” person, but still being able to sing … especially to God. This makes me wonder about all the reasons she might be “distant.”

  2. Happy you are poeming again, De, but know Tahoe is hard to leave behind…may her beauty sustain you through the year.

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