She is rum
-bled by this whisky sky,
the way the earth is shaken
by storm, the tumbled blur
of clouds. Call her vesper,
evening star
skydragon waiting;
wayward one,
kamikaze sun.
I’m hosting over at dVerse Poetics today. Come over and play! 

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34 Responses to Stirred

  1. Yay… love this… I will definitely call her kamikaze sun… most definitely.

  2. And it does it every day! That sun never learns. I love the skydragon waiting.

  3. this is lovely De 🙂

  4. frankhubeny says:

    Nice view of Venus which I assume the “evening star” refers to. I can also see her likened to a “skydragon” or “kamikaze sun”.

  5. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Nice nod to Venus as Valentines gather in the wings. You had me too at /skydragon/. Sorry that my piece exceeds 33 words; smile.

  6. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Oh I absolutely love this!! Especially the term “Whiskey sky”…. sigh ❤️

  7. welshstream says:

    Excellent … whisky sky … kamikaze sun … great lines 🙂

  8. erbiage says:

    I too like the whiskey sky, and Vesper was a Bond girl…

  9. Love the whole thing…particularly that she is Rum and the wayward one…nice circle there.

  10. Shawna says:

    I love the way these lines sound together:

    “skydragon waiting;
    wayward one”

  11. lillian says:

    LOVE the title….and the placement of words in the first two lines. Ending with the kamikaze sun — brilliant! 🙂

  12. ghostmmnc says:

    Rum-bled and tumbled…and haven’t I seen skydragon appear before? Love sky watching through your poems!

  13. Janice says:

    Powerful images. The poem has a punch.

  14. kanzensakura says:

    I love the 33 word count. Sorry I went over. I love this twisty turny kamikaze sun poem. Oh, how that sun loves to plunge into the horizon. thank you for this wonderful prompt.

  15. Great poem and play of words. 🙂

  16. Truedessa says:

    It appears we were both viewing that whiskey sky…I have to like anything with a dragon 🙂

  17. Kamikaze sun! Love this, De.

  18. I love those tumbled clouds. It’s short and lovely, like a well made martini.

  19. Kathy Reed says:

    Pretty! Uncomplicated (like mine);)

  20. kaykuala h says:

    kamikaze sun.

    The Sun that ensures life on earth had better not go on a kamikaze spree or we are all done for too!


  21. It was the most amazing
    thing.. storms breaKing
    out everywhere
    in the life
    of a day
    and the sky
    bore eggs oF LiGht
    with a kiss of an ‘ugly’ witch..;)

    Hehe.. worth
    a picture too..
    if you
    have a
    to reLate..;)

  22. Olga says:

    Love your description of Venus. She is a lady-in-waiting and will be tonic to winter-weary eyes. The cloudy skies have hidden her brightness for many moons in my neck of the woods.

  23. Miss Stacy says:

    kamikaze sun….wow!!!
    love your little poem.

  24. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    Ooh, gives me those good shivers.

  25. I like how evocative this description is.

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