Drink this Poem

This poem is a rum
-bled mess, a stress
of syllables and too
much (be)gin. Absinthe
makes its heart grow
fonder. See? It wanders,
over yonder.

This poem is on a bend
-er. Did you find it in a
ditch? I’m not surprised;
it’s bewitched by its
own stupor and super
-iority. Pour it three fingers
of tequila,
with lime. Sans salt.

Drink me,
it says. Shrink me
down to something
that can stand
on its own,
something I can stand
to hold. Tumble(r)
me down some rabbit
hole and pour me a
cup of
-tea. Two lumps
of sugar, please.
(You know what?
Make it three.)

This poem is me
-andering about the streets
smelling like a fine Malbec
and a cheap cigar. It’s far
and away the dumbest,
drunkest thing I’ll pen
and peddle today, but
it’s all I’ve got. Shaken.
Stirred. Shirred at edges
by burn
and bitters.

Sip the sky. Gulp the
guffaw that wants to slip
out onto the sidewalk and
crack your funny bones
right through. Tell me this
new numb is nothing
new. Tell me last call,
see ya later, closing
time. Pour me one last
poem and tell me it’s a four
-leaf clover.
I’ll believe you.
Until tomorrow’s hang





Over at dVerse today, Paul has us drinking (in) poems. Come play!  





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17 Responses to Drink this Poem

  1. Moss says:

    Boy do I love the third stanza.

  2. lifelessons says:

    One of my favorites of yours!!!

  3. Absolutely wonderful… all the wordplay, and a poem that dizzies with spirit…

  4. kim881 says:

    I love all the drunken wordplay and rhyme, De! I especially love:
    ‘This poem is on a bend
    -er. Did you find it in a
    ‘Drink me,
    it says. Shrink me
    down to something
    that can stand
    on its own,
    something I can stand
    to hold. Tumble(r)
    me down some rabbit

  5. Oh, great wordplay. This poem is just the right level of drunk, I think.

  6. Oh how much do I love this…i’n now going to try to figure out how to write an applause poem.This is sensational. Not going to pick lines because the whole thing is a me-and-a-ring tour ‘De’ Force. Just amazing.

  7. This is amazing, De. Some of your finest wordplay yet.

  8. So darn clever. They need to just pass out your poem at bars letting patrons know there’s a finer way to get drunk. I especially liked,
    Stirred. Shirred at edges
    by burn
    and bitters.”

  9. Frank Hubeny says:

    I like sipping the sky and drinking a poem.

  10. Grace says:

    I love your word play De!

  11. I love the way you have so much fun with words!

  12. I am in awe-
    some wonderful word play
    the bar is set high
    ball point pen poised
    to pour an
    one more.

    That was a cool drink of water. Loved it.

  13. tsdwords says:

    Love this so much. You continue to amaze and inspire. A poem to be sipped and enjoyed with a sunset. Need to read slowly to catch every clever twist and turn of phrase 😉 Thank you, my talented friend ❤

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  15. Robbie Yates says:

    I just ADORE this rhyme.
    Haven’t smiled so much in years.
    A toast: It’s so sublime
    I’ll drink to this

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