(S)Lumber Parties for Dizzy-Daisy Princesses

See, here’s the thing: 

the men
-folk are all off
engaging in the hum
-drum dumb of war
and snoozing laws.

We prefer a
of paws, and whip
-cream shapes and declarations
that go a-May-ing:
National Peanut Butter Day,
and Slap Your Com(m)a Awake Month.

We drizzle our daze in honey and chalk
-talk, buttermilk promises and peace treaties
that celebrate the survival
of the wittiest.

We are a great nation of survivors,
{wink} pink-think-ink phrases stum
-bling on truth, and time.

We are throwing off the covers
of un
-government dance, declaring our skivvies
fine, and our tresses best breezed
by only

We’ll hum,
and let our fe(a)t(t)(h)ers


Just imagine most of these fabulous words and phrases are Shawna’s, and you’ll have a BINGO! I simply enticed them all into a poem. You know you wanna come to our slumber parties. They’re the best! 





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4 Responses to (S)Lumber Parties for Dizzy-Daisy Princesses

  1. Shawna says:

    I am laughing so damn hard over that flipping brain of yours. My gosh, you are a goddess! Thank you for doing this. It made me SO happy. 🙂

    The title, sweetie — I LOVE it!

    These are my other favorites:

    “engaging in the hum
    -drum dumb of war”

    of paws, and whip

    “that go a-May-ing”

    “and Slap Your Com(m)a” … This still cracks me up. 🙂

    “We drizzle our daze in honey and chalk” … That is so gorgeous.

    “buttermilk promises and peace treaties” … That wants to be the title of another poem. You probably wanna get some “tree tease” in there.

    “We are a great nation of survivors,
    our” … I love your line breaks in this section.

    “We are throwing off the covers
    of un
    -government dance” … Perfect.

    “declaring our skivvies
    fine” … I love this. 🙂

    I adore all the chopping and mixing you did with “feathers.” You make my brain happy. 🙂

    • whimsygizmo says:

      Thanks, Girl. I originally did it because I saw “fetters” in there, and then as I was paren-chopping, I also found “fathers,” which for this one also fits nicely. 😉 And then of course, “feat. hers” is also in there.

  2. Shawna says:

    Also, I love the idea of having a lumber party … a slumber party at a lumber store. My gosh, those places smell SO GOOD!!! Freshly cut wood is like the most delicious smell in the world. I love wandering around Home Depot or whatever with the kids.

    And I’m picturing them teeny, with daisy crowns and poofy princess dresses, probably a bunch of crazy makeup and glitter in their hair. 🙂 Then at some point, I guess they ditch the dresses and go running around the store in their undies (or swimsuits). But it’s cool, cuz all the dads/brothers, etc. were too busy with work to come to the party. So the moms are covering this. In fact, I think they even kicked the workers out. Ooh, one mom and her husband own this store. So they’re in full control.

    Can you imagine being locked in there overnight, getting to play with paint and carpet samples??? All that shag and those color samples … pure bliss!!!

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