something new


snow. the crunch of it under
her feet. the way the streets
wet when the cars waltz by.
(where is everybody going?)

stars spilled, a crushed-glass ceiling
overhead. the moon’s borrowed

an old story spun
on fresh strings.

the syllables of her name,
suddenly a song.

the blue
of his eyes.

the true
of his love.


Prompted by Kelly over at dVerse. Come play! 


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13 Responses to something new

  1. Ah, yes — love. You captured it so beautifully.
    “stars spilled, a crushed-glass ceiling
    Truly wonderful.

  2. Misky says:

    This is lovely. Made me smile happily.

  3. kelly says:

    Oh, this is just beautiful, every word. I especially love the crushed-glass ceiling imagery, and the way you lead us down to true love.

  4. Grace says:

    Never gets old, always a fresh one to behold true love ~ Beautifully told De ~

  5. annell4 says:

    I love this piece!

  6. the syllables of her name,
    suddenly a song.

    could love be expressed better… also how suddenly the worst of better becomes a bliss… like singing in the rain.

  7. Glenn Buttkus says:

    So many firsts. illustrating how true love is built with verve & experiences–casting aside those furtive sexual tiny adventures, peeling back mere lust & overactive hormones, to discover sacrifice, accommodation & reciprocation.

  8. the blue of his eyes.
    the true of his love.

    Some pull factors just can’t be avoided. It makes things nice


  9. erbiage says:

    the song of a name
    the true of his love
    beautiful. Thank you for your song!

  10. Mish says:

    Not sure if I could choose my favourite of them?!! But I do love “an old story spun on fresh strings”……makes me sigh.
    Sorry for the late visit…catching up. 🙂

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