because her skin is paper thin

this poem is aching,
forsaking all others
and staking
her claim.

she poems in sigh
-lence and strain,
drains her(selves)
of salt,
and ink.

she thinks in phrase,
praises the page, this
sky-scarred poet
in scumbled,

breathes poema,
knows she’s His.


Ephesians 2:10 in the original Greek says that we are God’s “poiema,” which can be translated as “workmanship,” “masterpiece,” or “poem.” I believe it, and have claimed this other one, as my life verse:

“I’ll be the poet who sings your glory, and live what I sing every day.” Psalm 61:8

This is for Quadrille Monday over at dVerse. Come play! 





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21 Responses to because her skin is paper thin

  1. belle jars says:

    Gorgeous: “she
    breathes poema”

    Sometimes you can only really understand and embrace salvation when your skin/heart has been worn that thin — a place of impossible pain, I mean.

  2. This is beautiful De, I love how ‘she breathes poema’ and the wonderful life verse you have chosen ☺💜

  3. jazzytower says:

    Love this ending too.

  4. qbit says:

    ‘we are God’s “poiema,”’ – yes to this too.

  5. Divine Masculine and
    Feminine Light
    And Dark
    oF LeFT
    AnD RiGhT
    A Green PiLL oF LoVE
    A NeWeR WORlD Art oF LiGHT..:)

  6. Wonderful response to the prompt, De and the reference to Ephesians is one of my favs. My bible (I’m guessing this is the quote without looking it up) says “We are God’s work of art, fashioned before the world began.” Of course. poetry is a work of art and I also love to relate to working with clay. Masterpieces, we are–though not on our own. Loved “sigh-lence” and the enjambment there. Zowie.

  7. The opening of this grabbed me immediately. Wonderful words!

  8. angie reinspired says:

    when i first learned the Greek word for workmanship was poem, it became my favorite verse

  9. Frank Hubeny says:

    I like the idea of being God’s “poiema”.

  10. This is just wonderful the workmanship but sigh-lence perefect

  11. I love the idea that workmanship and poem are related ideas in Greek. I think we often wait for inspiration, but there is a crafting there, too – as you demonstrate so marvellously. Thank you.

  12. ‘She thinks in phrase, praises the page’..sigh…I love this!❤️💕

  13. Yes, De! Awesome lines and i especially can relate to the draining the selves of salt and ink. How we deplete ourselves to be filled by Him. Thank you for this.

  14. Truedessa says:

    She poems in sigh – lence on can feel the meditative state of being. We are all unique and a work of art. There is truth here, breathing in poema

  15. Jane Swanson says:

    Person as GOD poem – how beautiful its creation and your poem.

  16. rothpoetry says:

    A beautiful poem of pain and faith!

  17. Misky says:

    Wonderful! This makes me want to skip rope and giggle for joy!

  18. annell4 says:

    It seems perfect to me. I love your poem.

  19. Beverly Crawford says:

    …poem I sigh” and “think in phrase” … wonderful word captures!

  20. merrildsmith says:

    Lovely poem. I like your line breaks and clever wording.

  21. kim881 says:

    I love the enjambment in this poem, which is like shallow breaths, and I love the way the title leads into the poem, De. I especially love the lines:
    ‘she poems in sigh
    -lence and strain,
    drains her(selves)
    of salt,
    and ink

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