Whisper Me

something I can use, Love.
Some quiet phrase past silence,
stun or sting.

There are things
we kept secret after
        ……….(long after)
we thought our cheeks
would burst, or hearts
would bust, as we longed
to thrust them into the
world with ragged fists.

You held my name
    …….(the real one, the true one)
on your tongue so long I could
taste it myself, acrid and sweet
and spiced with every savored
syllable of your own song. You
stored my soul beyond the days
I begged for, bound my feet in
your hands until I could stand
on my own.

Look inside these sighs,
you’ll find
my words have long since
wondered, wandered, wept.
These are the simple
we kept.
Written for Toads.



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11 Responses to Whisper Me

  1. Afterwards we still remember those secrets.. those cheek-to-cheek-promises..and even if reality vanes we still thrive on the secrets like an undergrowth were you both snakes and sparrows thrive.

  2. hedgewitch says:

    Really like this–the shadows of love hold all the most important secrets, and you not so much reveal them as wear them quietly like a garment you’ve taken out of a trunk in the attic here. The introductory lines seem like just the sort of fragmentary thought that is the starting point that brings us to open that trunk, and the poem reaches a full but subtle and soft resolution in the last two stanzas. (Those w’s make for the soft feel, I think.) Just excellent.

  3. Not much more I could ask for in a poem than this exploration of love, the things that bind with unseen threads, the secret we all wish we knew: how to make it stay so we never have to know its loss.

    My friend said it before me: Just excellent.

  4. coalblack says:

    Really nicely phrased, De.

  5. Well, ditto to all that is said above! This put me in the frame of a mother/daughter relationship, but it can definitely work with any love relationship. I like how the title means 2 things. And the idea that the love is so strong. And I guess that’s what put me in the frame of mind of mother/daughter – the “beyond the days I begged for” — you did even more than I expected. And then the “wondered, wandered, wept” – I took as the daughter did not quite understand the love she had, though now she does. Very well done!

  6. Oh, De….

    “You held my name
    …….(the real one, the true one)
    on your tongue so long I could
    taste it myself, acrid and sweet
    and spiced with every savored
    syllable of your own song. ”


    you made this challenge sing…

  7. Love holds the best secrets….such a beautiful piece

  8. Mama Zen says:

    This is really gorgeous work. I love the alliteration.

  9. Marian says:

    oh just perfect. name on your tongue, keep it there 🙂

  10. Sara v says:

    I could taste it too 😉 Love this

  11. Helen says:

    Oh, this wonderful!!

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