Binary Stars

(and other duplicitous heavenly bodies)

The moon’s a crescent scar
tonight, and yet still too bright
for eyes too tight for tears.

You can keep your major
and your minor, the un
-spoken Braille code of
all these sacred pinmarks.
There’s nothing left to wish
upon in this ridiculous sky.

You’ve fallen.

……….And I
am left out here
in the middle of so much
ebony soup.

Prompted by Quickly in September,
{day 2.}


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3 Responses to Binary Stars

  1. A stark expression very well written. Duplicitous or otherwise!

  2. julespaige says:

    Ebony soup…love that.
    A complete sad story…is there any hope?

  3. Dang those duplicitous heavenly bodies. The earthly ones as well! I love the phrase “ebony soup” as well.
    I’m assuming this is about someone sad about the sins of someone else who has “fallen.” I’ve been there. When hopes and wishes and dreams seem flushed and so far away from reality. Ebony soup indeed.

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