to love the poem


to love the poem, we need to
be centered, mentored by
gypsy moon, the swoon of sky.

to love the poem, we cry
on bended knees, pry the
festooned breeze for more.

to love the poem, see how
one lone smooth stone
feels, or how one lost song

kneels before only the open
lock, the fool’s empty pocket,
the stolen moment

-oh, we hold on so.

to poem her love,
she penned
one long, slow note,
then on envelope wrote:
to Love: the Poem.


PAD, day 18.


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5 Responses to to love the poem

  1. drpkp says:

    Okay I’ll go for the obvious response – I love this poem! ❤

  2. Mia says:

    This is wonderful.

  3. drnurit says:

    Love the 2 parts of this side-by-side. Love the softness and, of course, the message!

  4. PSC says:

    Oh. My. Pearl beat me to the punch — Love this! And the fact that you did it all with only 2 vowels is completely transparent. Beautiful work, lady! ❤

  5. To love the poem, we need to pause and soak it in. The good ones seep in all by themselves!
    I love this too – esp. the final stanza!

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