Poem in Yesterday’s Lipstick and Tomorrow’s Sun

I’m not sure where this is going quite yet, but I’m pretty sure I can trust life to go there whether I agree or not. – Brian Andreas, going there


This poem is a me
-andering one. She’s shuffling
her feet and letting the street
know she’s got no particular
place to be. She’s me

-a culpa, misfit, mangy
cur, blurred. She’s slurring
her words and looking for her
next (dr)ink. She thinks in
phrase, but stays away from
the streetlight corners.

She’ll graffiti her way to
some grace, trace the day
on her own skin, be
-gin something that just
might be something, but
then realize maybe

But she’s got
a rum
-bled heart
and a most madly moon.

And she might just be going
……………..somewhere soon.



Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge, day 10







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4 Responses to Poem in Yesterday’s Lipstick and Tomorrow’s Sun

  1. you’re “going somewhere”, that’s for sure. you’re rocking these prompts De

  2. erbiage says:

    Ah, the rum bled heart…

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