Raising My Cup to Invite the Moon

{with gratitude to Li Po, and others}

I’ve got a wheelbarrow
of song, a high flown quill,
a mask of grins
and lies,

a broken tongue
a wingless wave
a dark-star soul
and a beard
that points
…..to nowhere
in particular.

I am still awaiting
…..the arrival of
……..my shadow.

Did you want to see me
broken? How do you like my blue?

………(it’s fractured, but it bends)

My unconfined wings
are a cup
-less song
upon which
too much depends.


For day 5 at Quickly in September, we’re responding to yesterday’s cento.

Cento part 1 is here.
Cento part 2 is here.
Original cento lines were from: Shakespeare, Anne Bradstreet, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Wordsworth, Ben Jonson, Sappho, Arthur Rimbaud, Gerard De Nerval, Li Po, Allen Ginsberg, Maya Angelou, E.E. Cummings, Edgar Allan Poe, Dante, William Carlos Williams, Richard Lovelace.


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9 Responses to Raising My Cup to Invite the Moon

  1. b_young says:

    Ah. Still smiling.

  2. Shawna says:

    Ha! I love this:
    “a broken tongue
    a wingless wave
    a dark-star soul
    and a beard”

    And this:
    “a cup
    -less song
    upon which
    too much depends”

    This makes me think of a groundhog who wishes he were a bird! No wonder. He has to do the same job all the time. But he does realize that if he were what he thinks he wants, he wouldn’t really like it ’cause there’s even more responsibility that goes with THAT job. So he’ll keep his limited position and simple, predictable life in lieu of one with expanse, freedom, and travel but more work to do. Smart little guy!

  3. So creative. I’m impressed by how you’ve used the exact same words and yet come at it in a different way. Though I’m sad that Will got cut!

  4. De!! You spun and wove and grabbed at magic – breathing your poetic breath into this…effortlessly it seems…I love the bits that you kept and the way they became fresh and so YOU!

    My favorite is the closing and how your line break causes wings to shape into the form of a cup…sigh. Beautiful. What color are your feathers, De? 🙂

  5. julespaige says:

    I am still awaiting
    …..the arrival of
    ……..my shadow.

    That’s my favorite bit out of the whole wonderful piece.
    I actually wrote that note part last night before we were actually asked to pick out a line.

    The Moon is a captivator.

  6. Glad you’ve embraced the process. It has provide some wonderful work. I’ve loved the progression here. All so… De Jackson!

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