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Aubade in Borrowed Bling

. I hate the world today, and yet you have tried to tie a bow on it, wrap it all up in confetti and song. Why not a singing telegram, a fruit basket bouquet, some blinking lights and a flocked … Continue reading

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.. the sky’s a Christmas tree tonight, and I am still, below just waiting for you to come and unribbon me.   ..

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jamb and eggs

. it’s over -easy does it, hard boil it down to its most fragile shell. you’ll scram -ble(ed) me into a congealed orange frown, sunny side up-side ………..down.   . A second poem offering for my own Enjambment prompt over at … Continue reading


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this poet doesn’t like to look in the mirror

.. this poet is a murmured swallow, a shallow puddle of herself, a slow and stealthy (s)word waiting. she’s a hack -saw, hum -bled haranguer of phrase, a moon phase waning in her own sealing wax. trace her loose in(stead) … Continue reading

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This Poem is all Silk, and Sow

. This poem gots a perfect bow, shiny silver and slivered just right into curls. Girl’s put on her best iambic dress, her most sure-footed shoes, her moody blues and ebony-kerned sway. She’s got a way of standing up proud, … Continue reading

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