Just this:


Golden moon
skeleton shadows,


the ebony
flutter of one
…….. crow.



For Victoria’s awesome Imagism prompt over at dVerse. Come play!



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27 Responses to Just this:

  1. This is just splendid… this is more than an image, it’s a whole canvas, a season captured in just child’s fist… wonderful

  2. Perfect example of imagism. To me, the inclusion of the crow adds such drama.

  3. kanzensakura says:

    I am in awe of this. I’m sorry, but you just ground Basho into the dust with this. I always am so wordy. Truly, this is spectacular.

  4. Mary says:

    Perfection! Concise, imaginative, and I love really letting my mind ‘see’ the images your words pen!

  5. I really like the image of the single crow just fluttering in the sky.

  6. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    I agree, this is just perfect ❤

  7. kim881 says:

    Small crow – big picture. Love the tree skeleton shadows 😊

  8. Yes, this is a poem that captures imagination..paints a complete visual and brings in a deeper resonating emotion.

  9. Bodhirose says:

    LOVE this. The moon spooning over, tree skeleton shadows and the capture of the small, fluttering crow…perfection.

  10. Bryan Ens says:

    This is perfect! Just like the example that Victoria gave of William Carlos Williams’ “Red Wheelbarrow”, this poem completely creates a mental image without “messing things up” with too many words.

  11. vbholmes says:

    So few words, such a big picture. Perfect.

  12. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Wow, this form blossoms neath your pen, as wide imagine a whole scenario, a wolf song, blue in the shadows, a harvest moon, crow as pariah; isolated & red-eyed.

  13. ihatepoetry says:

    Loved this, esp the crows at the end.

  14. ShirleyB says:

    Just goes to show – it doesn’t take a hammer to crack a nut. Words can be missiles or parrot droppings – yours exploded!

  15. flower girl says:

    Man, you guys are KILLING this prompt. This is brilliant imagism.

    The nature scene you painted is nothing but inspired, but of course I have to see that understory. To me, it’s about a breakup, or perhaps a divorce. The golden moon represents a wedding ring. Then there’s that “spooned over.” This is a calm discussion over breakfast; it’s been over for a long time. They’re just going to make it official now.

    I also see “overt ree.”


    They’re just laying it all out on the table at this point. Shining a light on the darkness. Calling a spade a spade. A crow a crow.

    At first, I thought the crow represented singleness. Being alone to figure things out after the decision is final.

    But now I’m wondering, what if they only thought they were getting a divorce? But now they realize, there’s a baby coming. That’s a really heavy weight to have to bear all of a sudden.

  16. Sumana Roy says:

    superbly done…now i see i’ve messed with my crows…sigh..

  17. lillian says:

    Okay — I read this three times, trying to pick out a favorite line or phrase and it is impossible because it is beautiful in every word. I’m printing this — or writing it down in my notebook to keep — with your name next to it of course. I absolutely am mesmorized by this. I feel almost teary eyed reading it. Mystical, ethereal……so gently beautiful. Truly.

  18. Ooh, I am really enjoying this little jewels of poems today.

  19. I love the ebony crow and yes there are some jewels to read. Yours is black gold!

  20. Oh my..I love how you revealed the main image at the end. Stunning!

  21. Wonderful imagery! And I love the line breaks, how at the end, in my head I read “one small crow” slowly and with just the right pauses so as to not scare him away. Peace, Linda

  22. Trees of night
    live liGht
    in shadows
    of greater
    deep in
    hidden life..:)

  23. Sherry Marr says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  24. Azul Zaffre says:

    Oooh, I love the moon spooned…like a topping (I must be hungry for dessert!).

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