Present Tense


Wing away with me. Blur the
moon, scooch-slide across
the sky, your smile eclipsing
the breeze. Please, bracket
the stars into some brighter
gaze, until the soft slant
of indigo ellipses these days.


Prompted by dVerse.




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24 Responses to Present Tense

  1. Yes, let’s scooch! Scooch over regular verbs, De is in da house 😜

  2. “scooch-slid across the sky” I love it!

  3. Lerene Forte says:

    Oh yes! I do love this one–so chock full of good!

  4. This so so romantic… “ellipses these days” and “bracket/ the stars” – very nice!

  5. Grace says:

    Stellar verbs – wing, blur, scooch-slid, bracket – Love it De 🙂

  6. Oh, this is fun. Gotta love that scooch-slide visual and all the verbs you create.

  7. billgncs says:

    nobody does verbs the way you do… You’ve eclipsed all my expectations 🙂

  8. Oh these are such perfect verbs.. ther is such movement in the serenety of the starlit sky..

  9. Mary says:

    Crisp and pungent! Love your choice of verbs.

  10. claudia says:

    very cool use of nouns as verbs – love the creativity

  11. Susan says:

    I love ellipses as a verb. What shall we leave out? Maybe any sense of deprivation.

  12. Wing away with me. Blur the
    moon, – bang of an opener… Stellar poem!

  13. Super nice verb choices. I know someone else said it before me, but I love the “scooch-sliding across the sky.” Not a verb I would have thought to use, but it fits. Peace, Linda

  14. Kathy Reed says:

    “Your smile eclipsing the breeze” is wonderful!

  15. C.S. says:

    I see “scooch-slide a cross moon.” So I’m thinking the moon is a little grumpy and you need to just scoot him over. I’m picturing you sidling up to the moon on a park bench, bumping his butt with yours, slapping his knee, and saying, “Hey dude. Let’s have a little chat. It’s time for you to perk up and enjoy life.”

    “your smile eclipsing the sky” Love. 🙂 That’s how you make other people smile. By being so happy that they can’t help but be as well.

    “bracket” is one of my favorite verbs. “bracket the breeze” is just gorgeous. “bracket the stars into some brighter” … You’re trying to make the moon happy. You’re trying to make the stars smarter. The person you’re talking to must have a lot of power if he affect even the heavens in such a dramatic way. Oh yeah, it’s Jesus. 😉

    “gaze, until the soft slant
    of indigo ellipses these days” Beautiful. Maybe you’re talking about the return of Christ.

    In the title, I see all sorts of possibilities.

  16. Yes.. to escape the harder rigid brackets of stars in eyes.. can be to escape in a graceful flow of ellipses letting go.. all the enclosures that when opened set those eyes of stars free..:)

  17. Abhra says:

    Interesting use of verbs – and living in present, perhaps the best thing to do.

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