spicing the moon

tonight she’s all
a saffron-shimmer
in a cardamom sky.

melt her center,
spent. bent towards
some semblance of jazz
-mine grace, her face
a swollen
slice of stolen
nutmeg pie.

sprinkle her in crater
-cradled stars. sp(l)ice her soul
in two. this half is ours.


A late entry for the Q44 over at dVerse this week.

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7 Responses to spicing the moon

  1. marley raine says:

    Hot damn, girl. I LOVE THIS!!! The moon as a red-hot candy. 🙂 I’ve been craving spiced tea, big time, lately.

    I am nuts over how you spliced “spice” by adding a little l(ick).

    This is my favorite part:
    “bent towards
    some semblance of jazz” … I do love me some jazz.

  2. Mandie Hines says:

    I knew I was going to love this poem from the moment I saw the title. 😃 ❤ ❤

  3. Absolutely delicious. I love this moon.

  4. Mish says:

    Every single word of this, a sweet morsel. LOVE it to the moon and back.

  5. Love that spice and sp(l)ice!

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