Poem #3


Bad things come
in threes
and breeze,
trees fallen
and gravity’s end
-less sway. We pray
our thrice-told tales
are enough for happy
endings, new be
-ginnings, and every small

We stay
and pray
these three


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Poem #2


It takes it
to tango,
and swoon,
and argue
and kiss
under a
harvest moon.

If you don’t be
-lieve me, just
try ’em alone.
I double
………..dare you.

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Poem #1

The (l)oneliest number,
-er than the rest;
but somehow also
touted as
……………the best.



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Good News: Great Joy


A baby boy
was born
and died.

(There were 33
years in between,
but if you’re a mama
like me,
this is all you see.)

How then can we
the angel’s words,
wrap ourselves in
hopeful wings?

See that manger?
It’s empty.

See that tomb?
He is not here.

your hand
to cast your fear
and feel your heart
-beat. That hollow, holy
place alone
is where he makes his home.




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Clear Days

See, forever
isn’t all it’s cracked
up to be, cracked open
like an egg yolk on some
sizzled sidewalk. You gotta
work for it; take the lows
and the blows
along with the raise
-the-roof moments.

-side up is overrated;
we’re created for balance
and some semblance of scram
-bled sway. Run away with me,
you’ll see. Our recovery
starts today.


Prompted by Poetic Asides.



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Holly-Berry Bells


Love me tender,
tinder tinsel me; de
-cadence spun into song.

Wrap my heart, re
-bound in silver nemesis
and peppermint sway.

Carol me loose, over river
and woods. Hot cocoa-jingle
me into Santa’s way
-ward sleigh.



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A Sliver of Silver in an Ebony Sea


-ticks off time, space,
crafts tides. She treads
on ocean, spreads her milky
sway forever over each closed day.

Say she’s a planet, she’ll
laugh; an angel, she’ll shed
you cloudy tangled tears. Call
her a loser as she wanes, spinning
right round you at center. Orbit or

endeavor to get to know her smile,
or wish upon her starry neighbors
splattered across these inky



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