Less On

I am learning the value of lack
-fectionism, the way light
prisms through the cracks.

I am re
things with a wilder heart,
a brighter start
and a slightly catty
-wampus sway.

I’ve got no bushels
left to hide under,
but I have de
-cided to turn down
my light. It’s
brighter this way.



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sorrow steps into the light

where to start?

found the note in your pocket
on an ordinary Thursday after

did a double-take at its sexy
scrawl (not mine) and its lip
-stick stain (not my color).

tri-folded it carefully, and
put it back.

300 mg of pure
adrenalized anger – STAT


s l o w l y
backing away,
wondering how

where to end?
right here; right now.


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Night, and Gale


The wind has a peculiar song
on its tail: three-parts laughter,

one part longing. We taste it soft
on hungry tongues, wait for each

syllable to sway us aloft, and lead
us home. When mo(u)rning comes,

will we know our own low hum?
Will these wings beat their fragile

way through ebony’s dark thrum?
The bird knows, and he tells it true;

the verdict’s still out
on me and you.


Prompted by Toads.





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This is the Dawning


of the age of Aquarius, of daisy
-chained strains of freedom songs;
a season of everythings
and the absolutely nothings
of war.

This is the coming
of age and rage and all things un
-staged, shedding our own bright
skins for something
(any thing)

This is the rise
of shattered glass – ceilings, houses,
false mirrors – of
stones thrown
and giants tamed

; the birth of that
lemonyellow sun,
in all its bright un
-bridled sway.


Prompted by Poetic Asides.

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Breathing in Steam and Stumble

(a nonsense poem)


When I put on my cher
-shooes, I do be
(rah rah rah)
-lieve in life after love and the ka
-gazzle of a laloobay dawn.

Let’s songspill and rubyswim
this hawkloon sky, yes? Let’s dress
in our best kuzzooroo and coo-coo-ca
-chew away at this marrowed ’morrow.

Sorrow can wait, busyglide its way
right into this cold sea. See? Just
swallow this thrilldust, easychalk
another mar(k),
has its

(Especially when it’s just




Check out this fun fakeword generator my Shawna shared with me.







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Let’s get passionate
about silly,

slew audible ink
-lings of literary strange,
blue gnarled roots just
out of range

Let’s season our
in rosemary, silk
and salt, mint our tea
and tint our me
-anderings with bold
-ogled glee.

Let’s etch epilogues
in chalk, apocalyptic
stories framed in scar
-let poppies and ex
-actly thirteen thirsty
speedy grins. Let’s talk
’bout rum
-bled hearts
and tumbled sins,
and all things that
come out in the wash
………………………….{or (k)not}.

Let’s get caught
giggling when we’re
supposed to weep, let’s
………..sleep in
feathered fury and furry
-(w)ings. Let’s remember
that we’re hum
-ble, human


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photo copy 15

This is one name
for a group of snails,

as if we are already pondering
how they will taste
drenched in butter
and garlic.

This morning, mine
(my backyard friends)
are drenched only
in sprinkler
water, tiny
antennae dancing
over blades.

Funny that they can also
be called a walk,

as they each
only have

(Which would really
be more
of a

Or a rout,
(a disorderly retreat
of defeated troops),
which doesn’t quite fit
either, since they seem
happy as clams
in their slow sluggish
journey to
-ward shade.



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