bimbles and bits

it’s all about 
(that base) 
a foundation of words tum
-bled in, syllables set on spin 
cycle and 
(believing in dragons and magic),
wander whim’d 
into something new. 

let’s make a fine poem stew 
of all those blank titles 
and tried and true prompt
-and-circumstance introductory 
active first thoughts.

no ekphrastic, just the fantastic 
use of metaphor, vim and villainy, 
persona and prime. we may 
even have time 
for love story or two. 

believe it (or don’t),
these lines just won’t be
their way 
to seasoned greatness 
or the future’s sway of change. 

get ready. get lucky. get 
all primped and plucky, 
put your animal nature 
into it. 

follow me. 
(i’m open to suggestions.) 

’cuz from where I sit 
(waiting, anticipating)

we’re now communicating 
in stars. and once we’ve
conquered the city, 
the whole world’s ours. 

                  any questions? 

Another remix, this time referencing all the prompts from the whole month.

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4 Responses to bimbles and bits

  1. Every April I wait for these. Every April I’m amazed! ❤️

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