Call me nuts
(as I guffaw)
but my gooey center 
brings all the taste
-buds to the yard.  

I giggle 
to think 
of all those caramel
-sticky fingers

gummed with gooey 
nougat glee as my victims 
bust a gut. 

Have a gone too far? 

Who cares? 
I’m laughing all the way to the 

A little sticky-fingered something for day 20 of NaPoWriMo.

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4 Responses to Snickers

  1. Candace says:

    You’re making my mouth water – love Snickers!

  2. Shawna says:

    You are HILARIOUS!!!! That noggin of yours floors me. ❤

    Dying over these:

    “brings all the taste
    -buds to the yard”

    “gummed with gooey
    nougat glee”

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