the fall of wise dragons


rattle and clatter were dragons, two
who knew the ways of the world,
the kiss of clouds, the slant of sky.

one day they decided, just for
novelty, to make use of talon,
and sinew of thigh,

and walk among the creatures
down below. they folded their
wings under, useless umbrellas,

and took to the cobbles and
dust. in just a bat of marbled
eye, they came upon a young

man for whom the slaying of
dragons was a lifelong dream.
(he knew beauty when he saw
it, but wanted it more for his
wall than for the world.)

his sword made quick tatters
of rattle, who tried to run. and
for clatter, life no longer mattered.

the moral of the tale:
don’t settle for legs
when you can wield wings.


PAD, day 22

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